grasshopper vape

Grasshopper vape

What is the grasshopper vape?

It is a powerful, durable, and discreet vaporizer. When it comes to the design it is of great quality and it is user friendly. The Grasshopper is specifically designed for dry or loose-leaf herbs. Here are some of the features:

  • Accessing the vaporizer chamber and temperature dial is easy.
  • You can replace the battery
  • The device has an amazing start-up time of 5 seconds.

You get the grasshopper in other editions too:

  • The Titanium edition
  • Color edition

The Titanium edition

Its exterior is made of 100 percent titanium. This makes the vape have more durability. The titanium edition is the lightest vaporizer that has been ever made.

The color edition

This vaporizer is made of anodized titanium. You have different color choices:

  • Dark grey
  • Bronze
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green

Commonly asked questions

What herbs can I use in my vaporizer?

– Rosemary

– Sage

– Tarragon

– Peppermint

– Green tea

– Ginger

– Garlic

– Aloe vera and many more

Can I use the vaporizer while it is charging?

It has a magnetic charging ring that will make it possible for you to use it while it is busy charging.

How long will the Grasshopper’s battery last before I need to charge it?

You can vape 3 to 4 chambers before having to charge the device.

Is the grasshopper a convection or conduction device?

It is convection. It uses a heat exchanger that will heat the air as soon as you take your first draw.

What are the dimensions of the device?

It is 240mm in length and 14mm in diameter.

How much does the device weighs?

It weighs 66.6g making it ultra-portable.

What is the capacity of the grasshopper’s chamber?

It will fit about ¼ teaspoon of packed herbs.

Can I fill the grasshopper’s chamber half full?

Yes, it will work with a half-full or full chamber.

How to clean your grasshopper?

When using your vaporizer regularly it can become clogged up, that is why it is essential to clean it regularly and get rid of the build-up. Here are some cleaning tips:

  1. Get a glass container that is filled with IPA and place your mouthpiece in it.
  2. Now get a piece of cotton, wet it with the IPA, and clean the inside of the chamber using a circular motion
  3. After everything has soaked remove the remaining residue with a piece of cotton.
  4. Before you use your vaporizer again allow for the pieces to dry.

How to use your grasshopper?

– First, you want to remove the mouthpiece and then fill the chamber with herbs. Now put the mouthpiece back again.

– You can now adjust the dial by rotating it and getting your preferred temperature. For each tick you turning it represents 20 degrees Celsius

– Now for the exciting part, turn on your device by pushing the button once. You have to wait for the lights to turn blue.

– The last step is to inhale through the mouthpiece

The Grasshopper is an amazing vaporizer that is not only durable but comes at a great price too. Its size makes it easy to carry around or just through it your purse and go. Now that you have read its features and know how to work it. Do you want to try it out?