For one too many years, society has been accustomed to one way of taking in herbs. This is through smoking. Enter vaporizers.

These gadgets have been around for ten years now. In that time, vaporizers have been a game-changer and have helped none smokers find a cleaner way to enjoy their herbs. Suffice me to say that vaping seems to be the way to go. With a whole industry kicking in and churning vaporizers with different features, this is sure to be an exciting industry.

Let’s have a look at what the vaporizers exactly are.

The Mighty Vaporizer
The Mighty Vaporizer

What’s the Mighty Vaporizer?

Vaping refers to the inhaling and exhaling of vapors. The vapors are, in this case, from a vaporizer.

There are many brands and types of vaporizers. Here we’ll be looking at one called the Mighty.This is a vaporizer that you’d want to get if you’re looking for a durable product, as we shall see.

The mighty is slightly bigger than the pocket device. It features a 1” x1” LCD screen. It is black and features some slots for putting batteries. At the rear end is a pod of sorts that allows you to fill in your herb of choice. Its dimensions are 5.5” x 3.2” x 1.2”. Besides, the screen are buttons to use when operating it.

What are the contents of the box?

This depends on whether you have purchased the Mighty or the Mighty Medic. Inside the box of the Mighty are the following items.

  • A Mighty Vaporizer
  • One Dosing Capsule
  • A Grinder
  • One liquid pad
  • A Power adapter
  • A cleaning brush
  • Three spare screens
  • One set of Spare seal rings
  • A Manual
  • One Filling aid

What makes the Mighty Vaporizer the Standout?

  1. Loading Chamber

The loading chamber is a small area around 0.3 cm3 where one can load their herbs of choice. The ideal herb is the one that has been dried. Once loaded on the pot, the user can close it up before they turn on the device.

However, should the user wish only to have light vapors produced from the vaporizer, they should consider using another of the features that come with the device, the dozing capsules. As the name suggests, these are capsules. They are used to put in a minimum quantity of the ground herb and thrown into the loading chamber.

  1. Ease of Use

The power button is situated on the side of the device. A single press is enough to switch it on instead of other models, which require a ling press.

Once on, the LCD screen should display a bunch of details. It will show the current temperature of the loading chamber. It’ll also display the temperature being set and the amount of power charge remaining. Yes, you heard e right when I said charge. Let’s get right to it.

  1. Hybrid Heating

Concerning heating up, the Mighty makes use of two technologies at the same time, conduction and convection. Conduction here refers to how the heat is moved from the chamber to the herbs. This allows the herbs to be heated and produce vapor. At the same time, there is air in the chamber. This air is heated up, and as it moves around, the chamber heats the herbs as well. Because of this process, the heating method is called a hybrid.

What are the Pros of the Mighty Vaporizer?

The Mighty Vaporizer
The Mighty Vaporizer
  • The Mighty, due to its size and an independent power source, is portable. This is a step above the rest of its competition as they only feature an electric-powered vaporizer. This restricts the areas of use of a vaporizer due to the source of power. Not with the Mighty, though. The Mighty can be carried around to any place one would want. You can consider it to be as close as a cell phone. This, of course, enhances the experiences that it can provide because of the different environments one can access.
  • While it’s easy to carry around, one can plug it into a power source and still use it while around one. The benefit of this is that one can use a direct power source to power the Mighty.

What are the Cons of using the Mighty?

The Mighty may be a great vaporizer, but it, like other devices, has some pitfalls.

  • First off is the power usage.
    While making use of batteries makes it portable, it leaves it exposed to the battery’s disadvantages. First of all, is the fact that battery power is limited. A battery will only power the device for a set time, not more than 5 hours. It means that one must either change the batteries or find a power source and charge it all together. Compared to other vaporizers that use power, this can be an inconvenience.
  • Secondly is the fact that the batteries are subject to wear and tear over time.
    As they age, they will discharge faster, rendering them less powerful. This may be a huge concern, mainly because the Mighty is built to be a portable device. Failure to fulfill this means that it loses its edge over other vaporizers. That having been said, this may be alleviated by the fact that the batteries are replaceable.
  • Consequently, this translates to the total cost of operating The Mighty as battery costs may make it a little bit more expensive to maintain.
    To compound, this is the fact that rechargeable batteries are maybe a little bit costlier than ordinary batteries.


As we have seen, these gadgets are as convenient as a phone can get. They provide one with the freedom and quality that one would ever need in their vaping sessions, not forgetting that it’s at an affordable price. For the $399, one can grab their own Mighty and enjoy themselves for as long as they want.

It’s interesting to see how one invention can bring the fundamental difference in definition and the design of products and how herbs are taken.

That said, should you ever want to change your vaporizer or start vaping, the Mighty is an excellent choice for you to consider. There is no reason why one wouldn’t use one because it serves the purpose for which it was created excellently.